Friday, March 14

Board of Aldermen meeting minutes - Courtesy of Pat Flood

Thanks again Pat for providing us with this detailed report:

Warson Woods Board of Aldermen met March 11, 2014. The meeting was moved from March 18, 2014.  Approximately 30 residents appeared.    The next scheduled Board meeting is April 15, 2014 but please check the website for any changes.

St. Matthews Property Project:  The Board reported on the Consultant’s progress and many citizens spoke regarding their views on the project. All spoke against the condo idea.  The mayor indicated that the idea still had support in the community.    A complete report of this topic can be found on line and in the hard copy of this week’s Webster Kirkwood Times.
Please note that the Mayor said that updates on meetings with citizens regarding this matter would be posted on the new website.
Snow removal:  A citizen spoke about her lack of satisfaction with the snow removal this year. The mayor said he had received many complaints about this and it would be considered when the contract comes up for renewal.
Maintenance of the St. Matts property  A citizen requested that either the City or the Church pick up the leaves and keep the grass cut on the property so  the green space can be used.
The new website:   The new Warson Woods  website is going to go live March 17 and should be much more user friendly.
Renewable Energy Systems:   A vote was taken on a new ordinance regarding renewable energy technology on houses.   A citizen spoke regarding this and voiced her concern that the Board may not have given this matter enough consideration
The City attorney reported that he would hopefully have some report on a possible ordinance regarding the parking of commercial vehicles on the streets for the next meeting although he said he would not have a proposed ordinance.

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