Wednesday, March 12

Update on the WW Board of Aldermen Meeting last night

Could you give me a digest of the meeting last night I would like to post it on the Blog to reach out to more people. Tx Linda

Linda Schweigert
About 20 people showed up. Probably 12 of those are my neighbors on Flanders. Biggest concern is traffic. I met with the planner on Friday. He thinks there will be entrances on both Bennett and Flanders. 2) Increased parking on the streets by guests of the Condos and Rohan Woods people. 3)What kind of materials will be used in constructing the Condos. Will they look good and fit into a single family neighborhood?4) Loss of the only green space left in WW. 5) The Board thinks there are WW older people will buy these Condos to stay in the neighborhood if they can no longer care for their larger home.

Thanks, can I mention your name?

Sure !

I am also worried about the construction traffic and noise. They are guessing but think this could take well over a year.

+ Melissa Fox posted this on Facebook this am:

Hello! I attended the meeting last night but had to leave early because I has my little one with me. I still have five questions.
1) what are the three phases of the gathering information plan with the consultant?
2) What is the timeline for the three phases?
3) Does the consultant warson woods hired have any financial gain to be made if the results come out one way or another?
4) Does the $8,000+ we paid to the consultant include a traffic survey?
5) We the residents be able to read the final report from the consultant? 

I will call Judy today to ask her these questions. From what I could gather, we paid a lot of money for a consultant to hold 14 interviews and 2/3 in home meetings, and the write a report. I'm hoping the money includes more than that.

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