Monday, April 19

Arbor Day in Warson Woods

Warson Woods is Nationally recognized as a Tree City U.S.A.!

The beautiful trees throughout the city have been officially recognized by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

On Saturday, April 28th Warson Woods celebrated Arbor Day in Memorial Park. Robert Emmett was on hand from the Urban Forester Mo. Dept. of Conservation to present the 3rd grade kids from Rohan Woods and Ste. Genevieve Dubois beautiful Red Bud trees.

Our Aldermen Gordon Gosh and Judy Pohl were present at the ceremony.

First Robert asked some Lily Carse to be a tree, Harry Lambert to be the sun and Charlotte Lambert to be the water to illustrate how important trees are.

Then, the 3rd graders, including from left to right Michael Bub, Lily Carse, Meredith Lewis and Caroline Lewis read their wonderful and inspiring poems.

Robert Emmett handed them a certificate and a lovely Red Bud Tree.

Not a big crowd, but a great initiative taken by our city of Warson Woods.

- All pictures courtesy of Carrie Lewis - Thanks again Carrie!

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