Saturday, April 24

The Trot Thru the Woods 2010 is on!!!!!

17:01 - the official time of the Winner of the 2009 Trot - Andrew Pearson from the Big River Running Company. Can anyone run the Trot under 17 minutes next year?

Our first official meeting to discuss the 2nd Edition of the Trot took place this morning at Bread Co. The whole Board was here. Our president Ed Crites - back from Boston after completing the Boston Marathon for the second time, wow - his wife Laura, our new member of the Board Roger Bautista who just ran the St.Louis Half Marathon in a staggering 1:36:00 - Roger replaces our friend Chris Keller as the Secretary - and of course yours "V.P" truly.

We mostly talked about all the feedbacks you guys sent me after the race last year and how to improve the Trot and anchor the race as a Must-Do on the Warson Woods calendar.

After 225 runners showed up last year, I have a feeling 2010 will see a spike in participation...

Are you ready? Who is in, the saturday after Thanksgiving?

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