Thursday, April 15

St- Louis Marathon - The WW Heroes

Congrats to Roger Bautista for running the half in 1:36:00 - glad your knee held up nicely.

Congrats to my fellow Blogger Brian Spellecy for completing the Half in 1:56:00. Mens sane in copore sano, Brian!

Congrats to Joy Holley for running her first Marathon after a hard training program -you rock Joy!!

Congrats to Brandon Janosky who completed the full marathon in an insane time of 3:07:40 - enjoy that email I received from Brandon:

"Congratulations, indeed. Ask any runner who was out there on Sunday and they’ll tell you if felt downright HOT. There wasn’t much time this early in the Spring to get used to the unseasonably warm weather, so it really took its toll on the field. I ended up getting some attention in the med-tent after crossing the line in 3:07:40. Overall, it was a great day out there. The volunteers and spectators were tremendous!"

Congrats to all our neighbors who came down to support the runners along the way: Thank you John and Donna Garza for screaming and cheering my name when you saw me running.

Thank you Mary Simon for running a few blocks with me when I needed a boost.

Thank you Jim Fox for offering to stretch my calves when cramps were preventing me for running at Mile 18.

Thanks to my buddy Mark from the Running Center in Rock Hill who yelled "Hey Frenchman!" at Mile 23 to get me going. That was hysterical to hear that out of nowhere. I had to turn around to see him. Classic!

Thanks to Matt and Ben, the owners of the Big River Running Stores, who high fived me and pumped me up with some great cheers: " I was waiting for you, James", "2 miles to go and this is it"... Props to you, guys.

See you all in the Fall for the Trot Thru the Woods in WW!

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  1. Good job, everyone! It definitely was hot at the end!