Friday, June 25

Swim Meet - WW vs Washington, MO.

Our weekly report from our beloved John Rawlings:

"We had a great time on the trip and WWST put up a valiant effort against Washington, Missouri, on Monday night. The Hurricanes hung tough, despite being outnumbered by a considerable amount, but lost 269-209. To recognize exceptional effort and achievement – both in getting us to Washington, Missouri and swimming against the competition – here are this week’s WWST Swimmers of the Week:

Front row: Ella Hasek. Second row: Coach Michael Kubik, Coach Kate Doneff, Lila Hershfelt and Coach Nate Sizemore. Back row: swimmers Quinn Keller, William Morrison and Charlie Mullenix. Parent rep and Travel Agent Extraordinaire Delia Andrews was awarded special Swimmer of the Week status for putting together a great bus trip, which everyone enjoyed."

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