Monday, June 7

You must check this Blog out!

I must confess I am not the only talented Blogger in WW. Of course, Brian Spellecy has been blogging for years and I enjoy his posts from his Blog.

But I just discover another Blogger, Hannah, who is extremely witty and funny. I so enjoy reading her that I advise you to click on the following link right away:

This Blog is a true Gem for readers like me who have young children. Well written, fast paced and so connected to the rest of us. So please enjoy irresponsibly.

Keep up the good work Hannah!

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  1. James - thanks so much - I'm flattered! I actually have a new URL (the old one will still get you to the page, but this one is easier to remember) Hopefully I'll be rocking a new layout in a week or so! Thanks again for the props!