Sunday, May 27

Ditto, new resale shop in Warson Woods.

My good friend Sarah Middendorf sent me that email about a new retail store opening up in Warson Woods. Welcome to the neighborhood Ditto! And thanks Sarah for an early review of that Store.

"I wanted to share with you that a new resale shop opened in our neighborhood between Dollar Tree and Breadsmith called Ditto. I am not sure if they have a website (couldn't find it) but here's their facebook page:

They opened today and we went and shopped and it was great! If you would like, it would be great to mention on your blog so we can support local shops.

Ditto supports local Christian schools in St. Louis. It's like going to an upscale Goodwill - very cool.


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  1. Could someone give out the phone number for this shop. Thank you.