Tuesday, July 27

Special Need for Crudem Foundation

I have been sharing with you some update from Crudem via Joe Gunn.

Here is the latest Message from Joe:

"Hello All: It has been a while and therefore I wanted to give you a quick update.

As most of you know our parishioner Charles Dubuque is very involved with Hopital Sacre Coeur in Milot Haiti. They are still treating patients and families from the earthquake. They have expanded the hospital to continue to treat earthquake patients and continue to serve the local community. With that being said, the hospital has several construction projects that will increase the size of the hospital permanently including a prosthetic lab, new well etc.

Charles has contacted me recently with a specific need. Due to the ongoing construction projects and the distance between locations they are in need of a Dirt Bike. They can purchase one locally for about $1,800.000.

I am asking that anyone that would like to help fund this purchase to contact me via phone or email. I will collect the funds and get them to Charles. The name of the organization is Crudem Foundation.

If by chance you know of anyone with a dirt bike that would like to donate it, Charles could ship it to Haiti, this would take much longer, therefore purchasing one locally is more appealing from a timing standpoint.

They are also in need of a “Gator” type vehicle, they have one that was donated by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and could use another one, so if you know of an organization that would be willing to donate a used “Gator” please let me know.

Thank you for all of your help, it truly is amazing the work that Hopital Sacre Coeur continues to do for the earthquake victims.

Please call if you have any questions or suggestions. Joe’s Cell: 314-724-0688.

Here is the Foundations web site. www.crudem.org"

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