Wednesday, July 14

Swim Meet - Hurricanes vs Wildwood

Thanks John Rawlings for another Swim Meet Report:

"Lots to celebrate this week in Hurricane-land!!!

We are all here for the recreation and camaraderie ... but winning is better than losing. We won our meet Monday against Wildwood/Lifetime Fitness 242-218. On top of that, we won the highly anticipated Coach's Relay Event by a breathtaking margin. (We are still working on calculating the times, but the motherboard on the sundial seems disoriented.)

Bring on our Swimmers of the Week for July 12.

Front row, left to right: Dillon Wilhite, Teddy Peirick, Megan Martin and Daniela Fritsch. Second row left to right: Coach Nate Sizemore, Dan (Fuego) Sullivan, Coach Chris Watkins and Coach Michael Kubik.

Not only did we clean in the pool, but we also cleaned up out of the pool Your dedicated (if slightly frayed) Parent Representative offer a hearty "Thank you!" to all swimmers and parents who pitched in to make the bullpen area sparkling clean before departing. A special salute to Coach Nate Sizemore, who spent a fair amount of time with our swimmers in the bullpen, offering encouragement on both of the swimmers duties."

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