Thursday, July 8

Swim Meet - Warson Woods vs Cool Dell

Another email from our beloved John Rawlings and Michele Munson:

"We had a swim meet on Monday night against Cool Dell. The evening was pleasant enough, we sold a ton of pizza at the concession stand, the meet announcer added a touch of class and calm … and nobody got hurt. What’s not to like? There was a final score.

Several of our swimmers gave really remarkable efforts in the face of pretty overwhelming odds. I believe the final count of Cool Dell swimmers was about 2,751. Everybody gets a pat on the back for effort and equanimity, especially our swimmers of the week.

Pictured here are (front row left to right): Annie Basler, Grace Lock, Laura Halliday and Danny Kuehl. In the back row (left to right): Coach Michael Kubik, Coach Nate Sizemore, swimmer Ryan Lottes and Coach Chris Watkins.

As many of you know, Coach Kate Doneff is out of the country expanding her knowledge of nursing while serving with doctors who make the journey to provide care for poverty-stricken patients. We admire Kate for her willingness to serve. Chris, who was our WWST Swimmer of the Year last year, just finished his freshman year at Vanderbilt and will be with us through the division meet and awards ceremony next week. Kate plans to be back late on July 15 and hopes to rejoin the ranks for the weekend competition and festivities, as well.

We also pause for a moment to bestow the first Helping Hand award of the year. Liz Basler was pressed into service as a timer and, despite being told by a certain Parent Rep who shall remain nameless that he would get her some relief, worked every race the whole night long. And the night was a bit long. Congrats and thanks to the Distinguished Basler Women."

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