Thursday, July 9

Blue & White Meet - What an Evening in WW!

First and foremost I want to thank Carrie Lewis for rushing the pictures to my house this morning. Great job last night Carrie at capturing the fun and the drama - Drama? I am just kidding - of a wonderful evening.

Props to all the parents who voluntered and pulled the evening off. Over 70 races! Forget about Joe Buck - Mike Martin, I must say that you are an amazing Announcer, very impressive work! The DJs were awesome - young wow did you see that?, but absolutely awesome - and all the kids had a blast.

So here we go with a raw, unfiltered vision of last night Meet. Feel free to email me more pictures you would like to share with everyone.

Fantastic Group Picture:

The Men's Relay:
Leslie's full extension

The Parent/Tot Race:
It looks like Danny is pulling a rear naked choke on his Dad Pat

The Dance Floor:

The Mark Thompson Show:

I have to apologize but at this time I still don't know who won the Men's Relay. More to come later today as I recover from a disgraceful last place in the relay despite a strong start from my teammates Sean Fitzgerald, Michelle Hammersmith and Bo Goodgame. Sorry guys, I let you down in the final lap!

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