Wednesday, July 15

Wild Life in WW

Boy, I am glad I live east of Woodland. My new friend Brandon who lives on the west side of Woodland just sent me some pictures of a snake who visited his yard. Wow!!

Has anyone else ever spotted creatures like that in WW?

Link to Brandon's Blog
Thanks again Brandon for sharing these pictures with me. What happened to the snake??


  1. I kept a close eye on it as it slinked towards the back yard. Not exactly sure where it calls home, though. Fully stretched out, it was about 5.5ft long!

  2. You might want to mention it to the folks who live behind you... lol.

    2 years ago a family of Foxes had like 8 babies under the porch of a house accross my street. So cute.. I mean kind of. I got them on tape... We were Rabbit free for a couple of weeks in my yard!!

  3. I am officially freaked out now!