Monday, July 27

Running in Central Park, New York.

When you run on the same trails over and over again, it is nice to experience new runs. I love running in Central Park back. It is a very exciting atmosphere - you have bikers, cabs, pigeons, horses, celebrities - I happened to pass Dustin Hoffman years ago and the guy Mr.Big from "Sex and the City".

I came to the Park very motivated last Wednesday night. Almost 3 years since my last run in the Park. I decided to run a 8.10 min/mile pace which is pretty fast for me - it translates into a 3h35min. marathon - The 6.1 mile run was completed in just about 50 minutes. But here is the catch. Besides, a pregnant woman and a guy who pulled his hamstring on one of the hills, I passed absolutely zero runners. To the contrary, they all passed me like I was running in slow motion. WOW! What a sick feeling... New York is in shape, I tell you that!

I was exhausted and out of breath, realizing that it might me better to be a big fish in a small pond than the other way around. Mentally, I was down!

Since I had nobody to take pictures of me to illustrate this post, I will use a few pictures of random people to depict the story to its fullest. I mean really random people. Don't see in these pictures the insecurity of a guy about to hit 40 years of age. Not at all. I am just trying to expand my female reader base and finish this post on a high note.

So I am dragging myself back to my apartment in New York to take a shower...

I am feeling miserable and pensive about that run...

Should I have done something differently? Did I start too fast? I was devastated...

All jokes apart, what are the most memorable trails you run on, outside of St-Louis?

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