Saturday, July 4

The streak is still alive!!

For the first time in 41 years, it looks like the 4Th of July Parade was on the verge of being cancelled. 41 years!!
But then a break around 11.15 a.m and within minutes the word was out: the Parade was on, the neighborhood was moving quickly towards Andrew Drive.
The fire truck was there and so was the police car. The Parade was on its way!

The games at the park draw a big crowd:

The Egg Toss:

The Water Balloon Toss:

The Bubble Gum Contest:

And a special mention to the Bayers lemonade stand which has been a staple of the Parade for so many years:

By 2 pm the Games were on the way at the Pool. As usual the Diving Contest was a big success:

Great job by the Judges who were exceptionally nice.

Kate won the Girls Diving Contest. Sam Andrews won the boys one.
Justin won the Hoops contest and a flurry of candy was handed to the participants of the Baby-Pool game and the "Dive for quarters & pennies" game.

Here is the list of people I want to thank:
Lana & Sean Fitzgerald + Eileen Bishop for setting up the Parade once again.
Ruth Carse & Debbie Garza for stepping up and putting the games together at the Park.
Joan & Tom Bayer for the Lemonade Stand. What a wonderful tradition!
The Firemen who showed up today and the police car which escorted us as the Parade was moving along.
Mark Nigh for cranking the food. The BBQ was awsome. Mark, thanks for being here once again and cooking for everyone. And thanks Dede for the great Poster.
Brian Carr and Chip Austin for assisting Mark with the BBQ.
Mary Huss for helping us with the clean-up part.
Our great Lifeguards for watching after us today.


  1. James,
    We had so much fun at the parade today! Rain or shine, we made it happen. Thanks for all of your organizing!

  2. Great pics and commentary. What a wonderful tradition.
    Ann Cerame