Thursday, July 2

Looking for players to start a Petanque Club in WW.

Petanque is a great game. Very easy to learn and anyone can play regarding of age and physical condition. I have all the petanque balls needed to play. I can teach the game. What I am looking for is a few people interested to meet and play once or twice a month for an hour or two at the most. Great social activity. I will answer any questions you might have.

The only catch is to find a shady area with the appropriate surface. Any surface, with the exception of concrete, asphalt or tiles will do. Best is not too soft however. Very short grass will do as well. The best is hard soil, like clearings in the woods, baseball diamonds or an unpaved backyard. Some fine gravel enhances drainage and makes it more exciting and unpredictable. There are no limits as to maximum size of the court. The generally accepted minimum is 4 meter (12 ft) wide by 12 meter (39 ft) long. Do you know an area in WW that fits the profile?

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