Monday, June 29

Soccer is for Girls

I am a huge soccer fan. Growing up in France helps quite a bit. Soccer in the U.S has been getting mixed reviews over the years and is still not considered a major sport such as Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and Football - or American Football for that matter.

Most of my friends see soccer as either a good sport for kids or have a vision of soccer being like this clip that I love by the way -This one is for you Jim Fox:

Anyway, unless you have been practicing the Moonwalk in your basement for the past 3 days, you must have heard about the heartbreaking loss of the US National team against Brazil 3-2 in the Finals of the Confed. Cup. I beg you to watch the game if you missed it...this is what soccer is about. Don't delay, it is time to jump on the US Bandwagon. I am sold.

On a side note, how come a Baseball team or a Basketball team winning the Championship becomes World Champion? World Champion? Here is how Wikepidia defines the notion of World Champion:
"World Champion is a title that can be given to a contesting team/individual/organisation in a sport or other competitive endeavour. To become a "world champion" it is usual for the contestant to have entered, and won, a competition open to all eligible contestants from around the world.
Other individuals or organisations can be described as 'world champion', but this is either simply a matter of recognition of their prowess or promotional hyperbole, without conferring any real status."

Shouldn't it be North American Champion at best? Just kidding...

Anyway, go find the Tape of the US against Brazil, it is so emotional and soccer at his best.

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