Monday, June 15

Fundraising for the St.Louis Children Hospital - We need your participation - Join us!!

Erica Mote is a Warson Woods resident. She is running a Fundraising Event on June 23rd at the Park. Great idea in itself, but the best part of it is that Erica is 11 years old - yes, only 11 years old. So let's make it a very special day and let's join her at 10 a.m.

Make sure to tell your friends about Erica's initiative. We need used and new books to donate to the St. Louis Children's Hospital and the Event is only $3/per child.
Thanks for being so caring about others, Erica... God Bless you!!
Below is the Flyer she sent me...


Come and hear stories, play games and have a snack!
You will also help raise money to buy books for kids in the hospital!

Where: Royal Oaks Park (by pool)
When: Tuesday, June 23rd
Time: 10:00-10:30
Who: Kids 2-6 years old

All money will go towards buying books for the St. Louis Children’s Hospital!

$3.00 per Child

Please bring any gently used or new books that you might have for the hospital!

Run by Erica Mote, 6th grader at Steger Webster Groves 6th Grade Center

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