Wednesday, June 10

The inspiring story of Berta Jones

Berta Jones is a Warson Woods resident. We have been exchanging few emails and I can't help but sharing one of hers with you today. So inspiring, so what our neighborood is about. See for yourself:

" We've lived here since 1968, raised 3 children here, and are now watching new young families raise theirs. Our block on Renderer has a wonderful mix of ages, occupations, religions, couples, widows, singles, and like all WW'ers, we try to look after one another.

FYI, Neil and I have recently completed the 21 hour CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training with the Glendale Police and Fire Departments. It's designed to train civilians to assist the professionals when they are overloaded (floods, tornadoes, disasters), or even for community activities such as directing traffic at the recent Glendale Jazz Fest. Others in WW have also been certified, and another class will be probably be offered next fall.

We'd encourage anyone who has the time to take the course. The more of us who are trained, the better help we can be to our neighborhoods and the community."

Thank you Berta & Neil, we are blessed to have you in our neighborood.

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