Wednesday, June 17

Speed Limit

Here is a sensitive subject: the Speed Limit in Warson Woods.

If you live on Flanders, Renderer and Bennett, I am sure you know where I am going with this one.

Without rubbing people the wrong way, how do we raise the issue? I see cars flying by my house on Bennett despite a 20 mph Speed Limit Sign!

I have friends and neighbours complaining to me as well... We all worry about the safety of our children.

And we all know I am not just talking about Outside Contractors or Fed Ex Vans...

Another tough spot is the corner of Renderer & Warson Road with the Stop Sign leading right down to the Swimming Pool... It is almost a blind spot and I see kids walking up the hill on the left side of the road... If cars don't fully stop at that stop sign, there is a chance that one day, a sad thing could happen.

Anyway, I don't know if the solution would be to petition the Town Hall and have the City install some of these white horses on the streets to slow down the traffic or simply raise awareness about speed limit, and to try be more self conscious as drivers. By the way, 2 weeks ago, I inquired about setting up horses to my Wards Representatives via email and I am still waiting for an anwer...

What is your opinion on this issue?


  1. Several residents got white horses on our street (Dearborn) two or three years ago. It required numerous signatures and was a lot of effort, but it did slow drivers down. Warson Woods will not keep the horses up during the Fall/Winter for the snow plows. Each year the neighbors have to go through the petition again, I believe.

    The only problem we had was several people got parking warnings/tickets for parking too close to the horses. I must say it was tricky finding a place to park without getting a ticket.

  2. I wouldn't have any problem with horses on Bennett, but it might be difficult to install them on Flanders or Renderer since those streets seem a little narrower and have more bends.

  3. We tried to get those horses on Andrew several years ago. One house refused to sign the petition so we could not get them. Wish it was easier as people zip down our road too!

  4. I live on Renderer, 2 houses from the stop sign. We tried to get horses, even had everyone on the street sign a petition supporting it. Found out there was some ordinance stating that cars cannot park witin 30 feet (or yards)of the horse. I know one neighbor took his name of the petition because he ran a business out of his house, or something of that nature. It seemed like Warson Woods is reluctant to deal with the horses. Someone had the idea that maybe we should park our cars on the street to slow people down.