Monday, June 1

A puppy needs a home - We need your help!!

Adorable puppy needs a loving home. If you are considering a puppy for your family, she is perfect.

Here is a note I received from Lynn Westbay to whom I ran into at church yesterday
Let's act quickly in finding a home for Blair.

"Blair is a 12 week old mixed breed (most likely part Australian Shepherd)/ She’s docile, intelligent, easily trained (she learned sit, stay and come in about 30 minutes and doing well with potty training), gentle with children, and plays well with other dogs. She is likely to be about 35-45 at maturity and is currently not shedding. We are friends with Warson Wood’s members the Fox’s. The Fox’s have met Blair if you would like an independent opinion of her.

She is current on all her vaccinations and will be a wonderful family pet.

We just love her. She is our foster puppy and we have seriously considered keeping her but our last daughter is off to college in the fall and I am going back to school so Blair would be spending too much time alone. We know the best thing for her would to be with an active family.

I will be happy to bring her to you for a meeting or you can see her here. Please contact Lynn Westbay at 314-989-0940 or

I told Jim and Melissa Fox how nice it was for you to offer your help to this little orphaned puppy.

Lynn Westbay"

I saw Blair with Lynn yesterday and I can confirm that and she is adorable.
Once again, we need your help!!

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