Sunday, June 21

My Big Red Neck Wedding

Friday night we were invited to a great theme Party: a Red Neck Wedding!

Coming from France, I had no idea about the meaning of these 2 words. I decided to Google the keyword "Red Neck". O my!!

Realizing I had no appropriate outfit for the Party, I rushed to the Salvation Army and grabbed a couple of overalls - a short one and a long one, a couple of hats and I was set. Although, when the salesperson there asked me why I was buying overalls, I started to say "I have a theme party, the theme is Red -hum, hum - Overall Party". I didn't want to sound condescending and I didn't know if Red Neck is considered a "Bad Word".

Now it is show time! As we pull up the car in this fancy street, I am in shock. What a scene. Picture this:
Besides the traditional large outside Party Tents and the open bar in the back, the front yard has 3 Toilets full of ice & beers -Toilet Coolers. A Horse Shoe game is set up with Real Toilet Seat instead of the traditional Horse Shoes. Christmas Lights are hanging from the gutters...and the guests... Eveyone is dressed the par. I see Sleeveless Shirts, fake pregnant wowen, lower back tattoos, overalls, hickey kisses - my head is spinning, wow I am blown away. It is hilarious. Some folks showed up in a beat-up pick-up truck.

I see neighbours walking by with anxious looks on their faces. The property value on the street is going down 40%.

Next thing you know, I am doing a Beer Bong - never done one before, another thing I should export to France. Props to Jim Lewis and Greg Mullenix for setting me up on this one.

Another thing I want to share is this. Does a theme Party help people to loosen up faster? What is the best Theme Party you have been invited to?

Anyway I will update this post with pictures soon.

Happy Father's day to all the WW. males, especially to the First Time Dads - Brian, I love you, God bless Sarah and Baby Lucy!!


  1. Hi James - love the story! What a fun party! And thanks for the shout-out. I have been to some great theme parties (especially in my college sorority days). Some of my favorite themes are 80's, cowboys & Indians, beach/Hawaii, PJs, dress up as someone you know, nerd, disco, and camo. Hmm . . . future pool party ideas? -Sarah

  2. Sarah, I love the Disco idea for the Pool. I will keep that one in mind for sure.
    I like the "dress up as someone you know" theme but I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings - lol!!

  3. heyy check out my blog / advice column and ask awayy!!