Friday, June 26

R.I.P Michael Jackson And Farrah Fawcett

Hard not to mention the passing of these 2 Icons. I saw Michael Jackson in concert in Denmark back in the days. At the time the side story was that he only spent 4 hours total in the country including the 2 hours on stage. He flew in, sang and moved on to Sweden... Did you see him live too?

I wish I had an up-close and personal with Farah - although I don't know if I would share it with you. Why? I know how WW works - if I would share a private story here with you, would you keep it a secret? You would? Really? I don't believe it. I have to say, the first week I moved in WW., I was in my backyard when a bug bit me on my bottom. I started to scratch my rear-self. 3 seconds later, my cell phone rings, it is my beloved wife Julie. She is driving in Webster Groves, "James, why are you scratching your bottom?". She knew already, I was caught in the act in my own backyard. Someone, somehow, had seen me and called Julie right away. Big Brother is watching you!! OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit - just a bit, but I know you get my point especially if you didn't grow up here. Don't get me wrong, having neighbours watching out for you is very positive, I was just trying to show a funny perspective!

Anyway, I just read that in England, to slow down bikers along a busy path, 2 artists were contracted to create an Optical Illusion on the sidewalk. If Horses, or speed bumps don't work, here is another option to slow down our drivers. You tell me:

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