Thursday, June 11

Running in Warson Woods

I love to run. This is by far the easiest work-out to do and one of the most efficient ways to stay in shape.

Every day I see lots of Warson Woods residents walking or running in the neighborhood. I am very impressed!!

Personally, if I don't have time to go to Queeny Park, there are few runs I enjoy doing starting from Warson Woods.

I would love to hear from you runners and see where you like to train.

4.5 miles: The first run is a short one. Besides crossing Manchester Rd a couple of times, the run is safe as long as you stay on the sidewalk. Pretty flat with slight uphill and downhill and some shady areas, this run is perfect for an everyday work out.

6.5 miles: The second one is a little bit more challenging. Safety first and Litzinger has no sidewalk so be careful runners! A strong downhill/uphill when you are on Woodland going toward Litzinger, then an up and down pretty much all the way to Tillis Park, with an easy flat return to Warson Woods through the back roads.

22 miles: The third one is really challenging but you can cut it short at anytime and run back depending on how far you plan on running. A 3 mile run to hit the Grant's Trail and another 8 miles to reach the end of it. I really enjoy this run. Very safe, yet watch when you cross the streets. It is slightly downhill on the first part of Grant's Trail, meaning the return is uphill - a deceiving flat path I tell you that.
Very relaxing run, going behind Grant's Farm - watch for the Bikers especially if you run with an Ipod.

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  1. If I'm running with my jogging stroller, I like to play it safe and stay away from cars - I usually do a few laps around the Bennett/Renderer/Rampart loop. It's boring, but at least I'm getting a run in.

    I've done the first loop pictured, but don't like crossing Manchester since it's not terribly pedestrian-friendly. I really wish they would do something about the Manchester-Sappington intersection to make it a little easier to cross.

    Most often, I'll do a variation of the second loop pictured. As a shorter run, I'll take Hudson to Kortwright to Warson, then turn down Des Peres to head back home.

    For my long runs, I usually do Forest Park. It's definitely my favorite place to run.