Thursday, June 25

I want to move to Warson Woods

Sometimes it is a little tedious to go through listings and search engines to find the perfect house. My friends in the business are telling me that the market is showing some much needed signs of life.

I would recommend - if you would like to know how much your house is worth, and every houses around yours and beyond... Be careful, this Web-Site can be addictive -hum...hum... Simply type your address on the toolbar once you are on the Zillow site.

So here we go, I compiled a listing of the properties for sale in our charming WW. By clicking on a name, you will be redirected to the detailed listing of that property. And let me know if you spotted houses not listed here.

1055 Warson Woods Dr. $270.000

1445 Andrew Dr. $299.000

800 Rampart $310.000

1439 Jamaica Ct. $329.900

705 Jamaica Ct. $339.000

525 Monaco Drive $369.900

570 Gederson Ln. $385.000

1423 Andrew Dr. $389.000

856 Bricken Pl. $395.900

1021 North Drive $421.000

502 Meadow Creek Ln. $429.900

385 Gascony Way $525.000

507 Meadow Creek Ln. $599.900

732 Rolfe $693.000

1111 Timberlane Dr. $695.000

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