Thursday, February 4

Am I ready for Kindergarten?

What a selfish statement! I should have said "Is my son ready for Kindergarten?", but I can't help it...

As I just finished touring Ste.Genevieve du Bois School last Sunday, the reality hit me hard. My son is on his way to Kindergarten.

I am sure, you parents out there know this feeling of having to let go. I believe the older your kids are, the more you Parents have to let go. So how do you prepare your child and yourself for Kindergarten? Any valuable Tips?

I am trying to find out who will join Harry next year at Ste. Gen. These new families will be tie to mine for the upcoming years. Between school, practices, play dates and car pooling, it seems to me a whole world is opening up while another one is slowly closing - thank God, I still have my daughter in Daycare.

I would love to hear from your past experiences.

By the way Missy Lewis & Dede Nigh, great job on these Signs I and others put in their front yards to announce the Open House at Ste. Gen. Although, since the words "Ste. Gen. du Bois" were so small, all you could read from far is "Open House on Sunday". To be honest, some upset and sad neighbours called me to find out why I was putting my house on the market!

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  1. Did you look into the Webster schools at all?