Wednesday, February 3

Ste Gen. Men vs Big River Running - the Sequel

Our team welcomed new players: my friends Mark Brennan & Jim Malik, and Richard - I am so sorry, I didn't get your last name - The Roster is expanding as we get ready for our ultimate goal: play outdoor in the spring!

Facing the Big River Running Team, we have enough subs to manage our cardio against marathoners.

Bryce was still bothered by a sinus infection, but showed up like a true warrior he is. The rest of our team seems healthy. Garza is fully healed and so am I. It is time to play some soccer.

I am not sure why Big River was ahead 3-0 at the half, although I can point out some sloppy defensive plays and our lack of transition game - meaning with noone on our team at midfield, Big River would get the ball back quickly.

Despite playing from behind at the beginning on the second half, our team is pumped. Our newcomers have been terrific. Jim Malik, despite a bruised knee after a hard fall, is hustling on defense; Mark Brennan is settling down on the offensive side and Rich is simply a beast on all fronts - wow this guy can play!

Our efforts are finally paying off as we score not only once but three times! Rich on his own, then Brennan on the assist and Simon with the score and myself on the assist and Buzz with the score. We are tie at 3-3...

Our game is getting attention. The crowd is growing...

On defense, Roderick, Fritsch, Malik and Zoberi are very solid. Our players start to mesh with each other. But some of our 5 of the field create spaces for the opponent. The lack of midfield dominance is hurting us. Our 3 guys on defense can't relay the ball properly to our 2 forwards. Big River saw the opportunity and capitalized towards the end of the game with 3 more goals.

A tough loss as it seems that every week, we are getting better.

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