Monday, February 22

Ste. Gen. Men vs Sbaba

A 9.30 p.m kick off on a Sunday night was hard on the body clock of the Ste. Gen. Men. We welcomed 2 newcomers, Mike Martin and Joe Parmelee. The opponent was a tough Sbaba team we played once before.

The first half was a succession of little mistakes that translated into an easy 6-1 lead for Sbaba. Not only that but a tough ref. was giving Sbaba all the calls. We felt crushed...

The second half was much better. Buzz was doing a great job coaching us. Mike Martin was very vocal on the field and impressed me with his trash talking - a quick "Fell Better thought" to our teammates John Simon and Pat Carse who are both recovering from a knee injury, Pat was our Trash Talker in Season 1 of the Ste. Gen. Men. We contained the Sbaba team but we failed to score. Sbaba won 8-1.

As of now we are still third to last in the ranking or 13 out of 16. Tough game coming up next Sunday but we feel good about the progress we have been making.

On a side note, as we were having a beer after the game, my friends from the Big River Running Store, led by the always smiling Matt Helbig, was taking on the Turfscape team who incredibly showed up with no sub! After a rocky start for Big River, down 2-0 very quickly...ouch...

...a strong shot from Ben Rosario - I believe the shot was deflected but ended up in the box - put Big River back on track. They ended up beating their nemesis 5-3, and are now enjoying a 3 game winning streak.

No, I am not talking about the Big River Running team to get 20% off, on my next purchase at Matt's store, I just like these guys who can play 50 minutes without breaking a sweat. Although Matt, if you feel like offering a deal to my readers, be my guest!!

To be continued...

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