Tuesday, February 16

Restaurant Review - Sanctuaria in The Grove

We went out on Valentine's week-end to Sanctuaria to listen to live Flamenco music and enjoy the performance of 2 lovely Flamenco dancers.

We had no reservation - good job here James - but we received a warm welcome and were sitted around the bar area.

The crowd is eclectic, the place is busy and the atmosphere is not as Gothic as depicted on their site. You don't feel out of place.

This is a Tapas Menu. After a nice cocktail - great selection by the way, we picked 5 small plates.

I must confess I was blown away by the food. Chef Christopher Lee, a St. Louis veteran, totally surprised me with some very innovative dishes including the Cabrelas Cigars and the Vaca Frita. The grilled Lamb Chop and the Shrimp were great miniature dishes with a very nice kick.

Service was perfect, great timimg, plenty of smiles.

Chef Lee came out a few times to bring the dishes himself. Despite a busy night, we talked for a little bit. Very low key but extremely professional.

The prices are reasonable. Overall, we were positively surprised. Good change of pace from the traditional restaurant scene in St.Louis.

I will go back to Sanctuaria - live music every Thursday night by the way.

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