Friday, February 5

What to do with your kids this week-end?

It is not easy to look like a Super Dad or a Super Mom every week-end.

By the way, I don't want to hear you say: "well, it is Superbowl week-end!". I know but the Game is not until Sunday late afternoon, so don't bail out of this week-end, Dads, because of a Football Game where the Rams are not even involved (and remember, there is only 10 minutes and 50 seconds of actual playing time over a 4 hour game!).

Well, let me throw you some cool happenings around town to help you keep your status of "Half Human - Half God" if your kids are under 5, or "Not to lame/embarassing Parent" if your kids are between 5 and 10.

What I will do:
- Train Expo Inc. at the St Charles Convention Center -saturday & sunday. It should be a riot if your kids are into Trains.
- Ice Skating at Shaw Park or at the Steinberg Skating Rink.

What I might do:
- Star Party at the Science Center. Families can join the St. Louis Astronomical Society for a free public telescope viewing, weather permitting.
- 92nd Orchid Show at the Mo. Botanical Garden. MOBOT is filled with color, beauty, and fragrance this winter thanks to hundreds of blooming orchids exhibited.

What I won't do (Can't overload the kids with activities either):
- YogaKids at Whole Foods - Town & Country. Michaela Turner, a certified YogaKids teacher, offers a four-class introductory yoga series for children.
- Storytime at the Magic House. February's Storytime Magic sessions feature the book When I Grow Up by Leonid Gore.

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