Monday, February 15

Ste Gen. Men vs Strikers

Facing the Top Team in the League couldn't get an easy task for us. Bryce being on family duties, Dave brought a friend Rick to play Goalie. Unfortunately, as we were warming up, a shot from John Simon dislocated Rick's right pinkie, and despite Imran's efforts to pull it back in place - that was not easy to watch - the poor Rick had to go home to get treatment.

So, John Garza decided to take his place. Not for long actually. A shot from a Strikers player hit his liver and after few minutes on thr ground, he had to leave his spot to Randy - thank you Randy for stepping up big time! John was ok to play but not at the golie position anymore.

The Strikers are really good, really young and really fast and organized. We were down 3-0 after 5 minutes and noone was smiling.

But as usual, we started to turn in on and after some minor adjustments, we got back in the game. We flexed our aging muscles and scored twice.

Great hustle and man to man coverage were the keys to keep the game close. 5-3 at halftime, then 8-5 with minutes to play. Randy delivered a great Golie Performance. Fritsch and Zoberi were terrific on defense. Garza, Buzz and Rich showed great speed and skills. Simon and myself managed to team up on a couple of goals, although John was mad at himself for missing some open shots.

With a 10-5 loss to the best team in the league, and a total of 10 goals scored in our first 3 games and despite a tough schedule coming up, there is room for celebration. We are not in last place, actually third to last now with 5 games to go.

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  1. 3rd to last!
    that's up 3 spots from last season!
    I did not know we were so good :)